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Cleanliness is perhaps the most important factor concerning the long-term preservation of any rug. As shall be seen further on in this page. Dirt (if lodged and ground into the rugs foundation) can cause untold damage. Cleaning the rug makes it looks good and also prolongs its life.

The following information should help you with most spills & stains. For additional help, please see our cleaning page or contact us.

What to do

Spill & Stain quick clean-up:

  1. Work quickly 
  2. Carefully scoop-up solids with a spoon 
  3. Dilute with water if necessary 
  4. Blot – do not rub - excess water & spill material with paper towels or clean cloth 
  5. Always work from the edge towards the center of the spill 
  6. Apply antidote(s) if necessary using our Stain Removal Index on this page 
  7. Brush lightly with clothes brush if needed 
  8. Repeat again starting at step #2 if necessary 
  9. You may need to dry with a fan or hair-blower on low setting 
  10. Finish by restoring pile with a clothes brush 

Most Common causes:
  • Glue - Saturate the spot with a cloth soaked in vinegar or alcohol 
  • Wax – Put a blotter or brown paper bag over the spot. Put a hot iron over the blotter and let the wax absorb into the blotter. Keep the iron moving to avoid burns. 
  • Ink – Saturate with hairspray and allow to dry, then brush lightly with a solution of water & vinegar. 
  • Chewing Gum – Press on the gum with ice cubes until it becomes brittle enough to break off, then use spot remover if necessary to remove traces. 

What not to do?
As a further plea for rug preservation.The following unacceptable way of the cleaning hand made rug are mentioned.

*- Washing machine:
The detergent , Water  temperature , Vibration can leave a rug with cement-like wool, no luster , color run and the entire rug may even end up in shreds.

*- Dry cleaning:
Dry cleaners advertise their expertise as a rug cleaners. But this is limited to the handling machine made rugs and NOT TOO HAND-KNOTTED MASTERPIECES.Dry cleaners ruin the wool and damage the warp and weft. Such damage is irreparable not even a rug weaver or restore can rectify this.

*- Water soaking:
This is not advisable, it can causes color run in addition a warp and the weft threads are soaked.

*- powered rotary -brush cleaner:
They were invented specially to clean machine-made carpeting and the NOT FINE HAND-MADE RUGS. The heavy circular brushes have coarse bristles which when powered in a circular mention will twist and break the fibers of the pile and oriental rugs.


For additional help, please see our cleaning page or contact us to see how we can help.

Written by Mehdi Bashiri — August 24, 2014

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