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A large, heterogeneous group of tribes of various ethnic origins whose settlement areas lay in the endless desert, steppes and mountains of eastern Persia, western Afghanistan and Western Pakistan are lumped together under the overall term “Baluch”, ”Beluch” or “Baludj”. The majority of these ethnic groups are classified as a Indo-European and very probably originally came from India, While a few tribes trace their origins back trough ancient myths to the Turkic Mongol, Timurdis and others are ultimately of Arab stock in this Colourful mix of peoples an unmistakable pile weaving art has survived that is prized all over per word for its noble mysterious austerity.
Further the features of Baluch pile weaving are the low pile and the palette, usually marked by which red which has repeatedly caused Baluch work to subsume in to Turkaman category.

Also remarkable is the stylistic canon, which range from private, zoomorphic usually totemic symbols write through the abstract flowers design of country Persian carpet manufacturing.

The isolated geometrical location reflected in this wide spectrum of patterns, as is the function of these territories as an intermediary between Persia on the one hand and ancient Turkic, shamanistic central Asia and India on the others.

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